• Date/time and event based scheduling for all Wonderware System Platform attributes.
  • Runtime configuration of schedules in InTouch
  • Multi-user support
  • XML import and export of schedule programs
  • .NET Toolkit for external access


CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler

The CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler is a scheduling application natively integrated in the Wonderware System Platform as an application object with corresponding .NET ArchestrA runtime graphics. It allows the configuration and visualization of scheduled events to control values of attributes and IO data points based on date & time and conditions & events. The CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler is designed to provide an intuitive user interface to create simple as well as complex schedule programs. It is capable of handling a large number of attributes, events and scheduling data while at the same time being easy to handle.


Graphical .Net control frontend for direct schedule configuration in InTouch

The CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler interface supports multiple users (locking a schedule for editing). Standard and user configurable filters as well as macros allow handling of large schedules.

Different event types, schedule types and group functions are the basis for multiple schedule models

From simple one time events to complex schedule series many scheduling scenarios are possible. The different types of events (single event, event series and dependent events), the schedules (daily, periods, holiday), the group functions (zones, period groups, daily schedule groups) and the macros (control macros, attribute lists) allow customization for specific application requirements.

Wonderware System Platform Integration

The CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler integrates runtime attribute browsing, follows the ArchestrA security model and supports redundancy. Schedule data is stored in ArchestrA attributes and can be imported and exported in XML formats. 

.NET toolkit available for remote access to schedules

The CXS Enterise Calendar Scheduler provides a .NET API to access daily schedules and schedule series remotely (i.e. by a database). 


CXS Calendar Scheduler Creator

The CXS Calendar Scheduler Creator is a stand alone Wondows application to create Enterprise or BACnet Calendar Scheduler programs offline. It can be installed on any Windows PC without any Wonderware System Platform prerequisites and it uses the identical graphical user interface as the CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler and CXS BACnet Schedule depending on the operation mode.. 

CXS Calendar Scheduler Creator BACnet V5

Attribute browsing supported

In the Enterprise mode the CXS Calendar Scheduler Creator supports browsing of ArchestrA attributes. If installed on an IDE node. Macro browsing is supported in all environments.

Enterprise and BAcnet modes supported

The CXS Calendar Scheduler Creator supports creating Enterpise Calendar Scheduler programs and BACnet Schedules. You can easily switch between these modes to create both type of schedules.


CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler Datasheet

CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler Manual

CXS Enterprise Calendar Scheduler Toolkit  Manual



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