Internet of Things & Cloud

CXS ThingSpeak Connector

Visualize your data in the cloud by leveraging
free web services

Create your own IoT infastructure with just two clicks

Use your free ThingSpeak account to display your data anywhere anytime on PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phone devices. Use private password protected channels to keep your data private or use public channels for data publishing. Display BACnet, iLon, SNMP, Json or meter data by using the CXS OPC DA Servers or use any third party OPC source.


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CXS ThingSpeak Connector Datasheet


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CXS BACnet Historian Provider for Wonderware Online

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The ConneXSoft CXS DASBACnet DA Server V5 offers an integrated Wonderware Historian Provider for BACnet TrendLog objects. This enables BACnet systems to push BACnet data stored in devices directly into the Wonderware Historian locally or in the cloud using Wonderware online.

CXS AppGen Provider

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CXS Json Device Integration

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The ConneXSoft CXS DASCXSJson Device Integration V5 reads data from any Json based web service in order to provide it to any industrtial automation client. No programminmg is required to expose any Json namespace into the OPC browse interface. Access data from free web services like weather forecasts or smart devices with a simple click.

The CXS Json Device Integration package is available in 3 versions:

  • OPC DA Server
  • InTouch DA Server
  • Wonderware System Platform DI objects

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