• BACnet certified BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS)
  • Full OPC DA 2.05 support
  • BACnet/IP or Ethernet
  • Support s Multiple Reads and change of value (COV) messaging
  • Multiple BBMD support
    Supports BACnet Alarming Services
  • Supports BACnet Scheduling
    Supports BACnet Trending objects & services
  • Supports BACnet Networking services



BTL B-OWS certified OPC server for BACnet

The CXS DASBACnet DA Server is a Windows based data communication server that interfaces directly with BACnet networks and HMI/SCADA systems. The servers BACnet protocol engine is BACnet certified and delivers data to any OPC compatible client. Additional supported client protocols are: DDE, FastDDE and SuiteLink.

Extensive native BACnet features

The CXS DASBACnet DA Server supports the following BACnet features:

  • BACnet Data Acquisition
  • BACnet Alarm & Events
  • BACnet Scheduling
  • BACnet Trending
  • BACnet Device & Networking

BACnet Change of Value subscriptions (COV) and multiple read messaging provides flexibility and performance.

Decreased maintenance costs

The CXS DASBACnet DA Server interoperates with the CXS BACnet Application Generator for OPC to discover devices and configure namespaces.

A collection of robust diagnostic features and server-specific diagnostics makes it straight forward to support, troubleshoot and optimize.


Common features of all CXS OPC DA Servers

Note: The product CXS DASBACnet DA Server for OPC is identical with the product CXS DAS BACnet DA Server for InTouch.

Rapid Application Development

The CXS BACnet DA Server is easy to install and setup. Integrated engineering tools provide automatic BACnet network discovery, allows you to quickly generate and get applications running - in minutes – not weeks.

BACnet Certified and Compliant

The CXS BACnet DA Server has been BACnet certified which ensures conformance and interoperability with BACnet devices. Utilizing BACnet certified products is often a requirement to meet regulatory compliance.

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CXS DASBACnet DA Server Datasheet ...
CXS DASBACnet DA Server  Datasheet

CXS BACnet Device Integration Workflow for OPC Clients
CXS BACnet Device Integration Workflow for OPC Clients