• Integrated configuration manager
  • Multiple OPC sources support
  • Multiple channels support
  • Support for multiple user accounts
  • OPC browsing interface
  • Running as a service

CXS ThingSpeak Connector

 Data connector for the Internet of Things

The CXS ThingSpeak Connector instantly puts data from OPC  sources into your own Internet of Things infrastructure.Visualize your data in the cloud with a few simple clicks.

The CXS ThingSpeak Connector is a Windows based service and associated configuration manager to push data to the free ThingSpeak platform to visualize data from any OPC source.


Use the CXS OPC servers to connect to BACnet, SNMP devices, Echelon iLon Smart Server devices, Modbus PLCs and meters, Json web services or any 3rd party OPC data source.

The CXS ThingSpeak Manager provides a graphical user interface to select your data sources and create your ThingSpeak channels automatically

CXSThingSpeak Protocols

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Product name:

CXS ThingSpeak Connector


CXS Json DA Server Datasheet
CXS ThingSpeak Connector  Datasheet


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CXS ThingSpeak Connector Presentation

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CXS ThingSpeak live DEMO