• DI Objects providing data access to Echelon i.LON SmartServers via native Web Services.
  • Integrated IDE editors
  • Simple configuration
  • Integrated iLon editor
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics available through Microsoft Management Console plugin
  • Full support of LON data types
  • Connect locally (LAN) or remotely (Internet)


CXS DASCXSiLink Device Integration

 Wonderware System Platform Device Integration
 for the Echelon Smart Server

The ConneXSoft DAS CXSiLink Device Integration package is a set of DI Objects with a DA Server providing access to  the Echelon i.LON Smart Server through a  standard Ethernet network interface card. The underlying DA Server  can read and write data via the Echelon i.LON SmartServer native Web Services via LAN or Internet.

Decrease configuration effort through “Ease of use”

The ConneXSoft CXS iLink DA Server operates without the installation of any additional middleware. The IP address of the Echelon iLON Smart Server is the only configuration parameter required to setup and run the OPC DA Server.

CSX iLink DI

Increase engineering efficiency

The IDE editor embeds the iLon configuration to remotely configure the target device


Common features of all CXS System Platform DI objects

Note: The CXS DASCXSiLink Device Integration Package was built with the official Wonderware DAS and AOT Toolkit to provide native integration into the System Platform.

Decrease maintenance costs through integrated system diagnostics

Utilizing the Wonderware System Platform DI object management, the ConneXSoft CXS iLink DA Server can be configured stored and deployed. The deployment mechanism remotely installs the underlying DA Server automatically on the target node. In addition, the DA Server provides a collection of robust diagnostic features to support troubleshooting and optimization..

Enhanced application
development by providing
advanced features

The ConneXSoft CXS iLink DA Server supports all iLON Smart Server exposed data formats to fully integrate into the System Platform . The server interoperates with the CXSiLink Application Object supporting advanced configuration features plus roll out support through automatic target device configuration on deployment.


CXSiLink Application Object

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