• SNMP versions V1, V2 & V3 support
  • SNMP Traps support



 OPC server for SNMP

The ConneXSoft DAS CXSSNMP DA Server provides OPC access to SNMP enabled devices. It is based on the full OPC 2.05 DA standard so every OPC client application can read or write to SNMP datapoints.

Simple configuration and interface

The ConneXSoft CXS SNMP DA Server communicates directly to SNMP devices using the generic Oid syntax as OPC item names. All Snmp Versions V1, V2 and V3 are supported as well as receiving traps.

Increase engineering efficiency

The ConneXSoft CXSiLink DA Server interoperates with the CXS SNMP Explorer to scan SNMP device namespaces.You can import additional standard or vendor specific Mib files to generate logical item names to be utilized by the client..

Note: The product CXS DASCXSSnmp DA Server for OPC is identical with the product CXS DASCXSSnmp DA Server for InTouch

Decrease maintenance costs through integrated system diagnostics

Utilizing the © Microsoft Management Console  (MMC), the ConneXSoft CXS SNMP DA Server can be activated, deactivated, configured and monitored locally or from remote nodes. Additionally, the DA Server provides a collection of robust diagnostic features and additional server-specific diagnostics to support troubleshooting and optimization..

Enhanced application
development by providing
advanced features

The ConneXSoft CXS SNMP DA Server supports all SNMP datatypes mapped to OPC variant types..


Common features of all CXS OPC DA Servers

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